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Noavaran Mahbad Emrooz

    Noavaran Mahbad Emroz is the sole agent of CDC, elgon, Link-D, Link-D and Unimix Olivia Garden brands have always sought to select and present the best haircuts and hairstyles for women. We are proud to provide you with the satisfaction of a continuous service and professional training to increase productivity as well as improve the health and health of dear consumers. The original quality and the direct delivery of international companies, has put the company at the forefront today. Up-to-date and specialized technology alongside the fully automatic production line are and will be the company's preferred brands.

  • CDC or Compagnia Del Colore produces a range of 2 color spectrum (including 2 colors free of ammonia) and 3 varieties of products in the field of hair health according to European standards with a combination of the best natural and natural ingredients in Italy. The unique variety of this collection meets every need and taste. This variety and quality is the result of years of experience, research, research and utilization of advanced technology in product manufacturing. All products of this brand are formulated under the brand's most specialized lab.

  • Elgon is a suite of 9 different areas organized to suit all the needs of the world of hair in the form of professional products in the field of technology and a full mechanized production line, allowing you to have a fun experience in the world of hair beauty. Innovation, development, constant search for quality and the best solution for every customer, has brought ELGON, the world's leading fashion and fashion designer, into a highly developed line of hair products.

  • Olivia Garden with over 50 years of commitment to beauty to meet the needs of beauty salons, we are a developer and market leader, manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality of complementary hair beauty products worldwide. At present, the company has more than 5 innovative products that are unique to the Olivia Garden brand in terms of technology and design.

  • We believe that Iranian society, especially respected women, deserves the best, and that is why we have brought the best brands in the world to your hair