Moda & Styling Hair Color 125 ml

Moda&Styling is Elgon's permanent cosmetic cream haircoloring by oxidation for a rich, vibrant effect. - Haircolors chosen for their power and their ability to vibrate
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Oxidant Cream

Oxi Cream

Oxygen is an emulsion oxidant treatment. It is a highly stabilised, cream based peroxide that can, through its action, - Keep hair at just the right level of softness - Develop excellent bleaching power Depending on the treatment, use the product at different volumes: 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 10 and the Activator.
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White Bleach Powder

White Bleach is a non-volatile powder, with strong lifting power, mixed with an oxidant it turns into a uniform soft cream that can, through its action, - Bleach up to 7 shades - Be suitable for any bleaching method
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Blue Bleach Powder

Blu Bleach is a non-volatile powder bleach with bluish pigments that can, through its action, - Bleach up to 8 shades - Contrast orange tones during the lifting process
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Blueberry Bleach Powder

Blueberry Bleach is a non-volatile powder bleach with violet pigments and a blueberry scent that can, through its action,
- Bleach up to 7 shades
- Contrast yellowing during the lifting process
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I Light Hair Color

I|Light is the pure, direct, high intensity haircolor that gives intense tones and permits the creation of new plays on light that revive natural or dyed hair.
- 15 nuances plus a neutral base
- To tone, repigment and intensify
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I Care

I|Care is the direct mid-intensity, pure haircolor in a cream that keeps tones alive over time, conditions and leaves no roots.
- 12 nuances
- To tone and condition
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Express conditioning treatment in soft mousse format to give shine and improve combability. For all hair types
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7 Oils Blend

7 Oil Bouquet is a complex of 7 oils that can, through its action.
- Give brilliance, compose and tame even long hair
- Protects long hair
- Tames the hair
- Makes styling easy
An elixir of light for dull long hair.
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Color Fix Shampoo

Moisturising and soothing wash formulated to conclude the Elgon haircolor/lift services. Lowers the pH and leaves the hair shaft clean and ready to be conditioned. With anti-oxidant Red Tea.
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Color Fix Mask

moisturize. Mask
Moisturising and soothing mask, an elixir for the entire length of your hair that has just had the Elgon haircolor/lift services. With anti-oxidant Red Tea.
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Hair Lift

67 Hair Lift is the flexible hold powder for fine hair that can, through its action,
- Give volume
- Support the hair guaranteeing long-lasting hairstyles
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Curly Look

88 Curly Look is the strong-hold, long-lasting fluid fixative that can, through its action,
- Perfectly define waves and curls even on the most unmanageable hair, for over 48 hours
- Protect curls from humidity and are clearly defined, very glossy and soft to the touch
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Straight Look

Straight Look is the protective, heat-activated spray lotion that can, through its action,
- Protect the health of the hair from heat sources during hot styling and making drying easier
- Create long-lasting straight looks with all hair types
- Moisturise and tame
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Hair Spray Gel

Spray Gel is the gel that can, through its action,
- Mould the hairstyle with hair dryer or iron
- Obtain brilliant sculptural effects.
Dries quickly with no residue.
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Elgon Gel Schiarente

Gel Schiarente

Lightening Gel is the gel that can, through its action - Gradually lighten the hair with a natural effect - Give total flexibility to the user by permitting the intensity of the lightening to be controlled, application after application.
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Elgon Illuminating Shampoo

Illuminating Shampoo

Illuminating Shampoo is the shampoo, with gentle cleansing power, for all hair types, which may be used frequently. It can, through its action - Aids in the lightening process thanks to its active ingredients and the natural oils and extracts it contains Its soft texture foams lightly, aiding in its distribution even in long very thick hair.
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Elgon Illuminating Conditioner

Illuminating Conditioner

Illuminating Conditioner is the conditioner with a rich, enveloping texture, ideal complement for the process of gradual lightening, because it can, through its action - Moisturise; - Give exceptional gloss - Restore the hair fibres, making them soft and elastic
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Elgon Man Hair Corrector

Man Hair Corrector

Hair Corrector is a direct haircolor, that can, through its action - Act fast - Correct the color - Ensure an extremely natural result.
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Elgon Man Silver Shampoo

Man Sliver Shampoo

Silver Shampoo is the professional shampoo for men that can, through its action - Cleanse - Neutralise yellowing - Make the charm of salt and pepper grey stand out
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Elgon Hair DD Cream

Hair DD Cream

The formula is creamy and weightless at the same time. Rich of substances giving 10 benefits contained in just one product
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Elgon Instant Skin Moisttrizer

Instant Skin Moisttrizer

Dynamic do all hand cream 10 in 1 Nourish, moisturizes and protects the hands leaving skin soft and smooth
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Elgon Bath Of Life

Bath Of Life

Cleanses, fights dandruff and effectively stops itching, flaking and dryness of the scalp. Apply to wet skin and hair, massage, allow it to work, then rinse.
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Elgon Sublimating Mask

Sublimating Mask

coarse hair with very dry ends Extra-hydrating mask softens hair immediately
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Elgon Nourishing Silk Mask

Nourishing Silk Mask

After the Vital Bath, apply to washed and towel-dried hair and gently massage in. Leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse. For extremely dry hair, leave on for 15 minutes
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Elgon Cleansing Conditioner

Cleansing Conditioner

Cleansing Conditioner is a cream conditioner with a washing action for daily use that can, through its action - Replace traditional shampoos and conditioners - Cleans and conditions hair at the same time - It moisturises, strengthens and tames the hair
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Elgon Hair DD Shampoo

Hair DD Shampoo

Delicate and soft formula moisturizes hair and scalp. Leaves the hair soft and shiny. Suitable to all types of hairs.
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Elgon Hair DD Conditioner

Hair DD Conditioner

Nourishing delicate conditioner, leaves the hair soft and shiny. Two uses corresponding to two beauty rituals to obtain excellent results on the hair
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